How are earnings split between Hosts and Roambler?

Hosts earn 80% of their listing price. Roambler's fee is 20%. Example: If your listing price is $100.00 you will earn $80.00 and Roambler will retain $20.00.

How do I receive payouts as a Roambler Host?

Our secure system supports two different payout methods which can be set up from your Roambler Profile Dashboard by selecting ‘Account’ then ‘Payout Preferences’. Choose to be paid electronically via your personal PayPal Account or directly to your bank account via the Stripe Payments Platform. Enter your payout information to be paid quickly and securely following the completion of every booked experience.

Will I have to pay taxes on my earnings?

Yes. You will receive a 1099 detailing your earnings and you will be required to pay taxes on this sum. You can easily keep track of your gross earnings directly through your Roambler Profile.

Are Hosts employees of Roambler?

No. Hosts are private contractors who list on the Roambler Platform. Roambler pays hosts for their services as private contractors.

Are Hosts required to carry insurance to List an Experience?

Roambler does not require all Hosts to carry insurance. We strongly recommend that Hosts carry Liability Insurance for their Experiences. Finding insurance is easy and affordable. Pennsylvania requires Fishing Guides, Fishing Charters, and Passenger for Hire Vessels who carry six or more passengers to carry insurance to be permitted. Passenger for Hire Vessels who carry under six passengers do not require permits. Contact us if you want insurance and need help finding a provider.

Is access to the internet and Email a requirement for Hosting?

Yes. You will not be able to manage your listing well if you do not have daily access to the internet through a computer or phone. Check your profile and Email frequently to manage your listings.

How will I be notified when my listing is booked?

You will be notified through Email. You can also check this status through your Roambler Profile. Daily checks of both Email (including spam, and promotions folders) and your Profile are essential to managing your listing.

Is a Roambler Host required to acquire a permit specific to Guiding or Hosting?

The State of Pennsylvania requires permits to Guide for three of our Experiences, which Roambler honors. Fishing Guide, Fishing Guide Charter, and Passenger for Hire Vessels who carry six or more passengers. If you are a Passenger for Hire Vessel (Boat Rides) who carries under six passengers, a permit is not required. These permits are easy to obtain despite popular belief of the contrary. For more information on each, view the links at the bottom of the page from your computer browser. Initial permit investments can be made back within weeks through booking profits.