About Us

What is Roambler?

Roambler was created as a result of our founders desire to connect the people who know more 'Roamblers' with those who seek to learn more 'Seekers' - providing ACCESS to experiences across the Commonwealth and reducing barriers to access, through local Hosts.

Simply put, Roambler is a Peer to Peer listing and booking platform that links customers to experiences, given by Local Hosts who are full of life. But the bigger picture is much more complex and fulfilling. Each Roambler experience may direct you to the next. With each new experience, and each Host you meet, you may start to see the world through new eyes, with a different point of view and a unique perspective. When we come together and learn from one another, we are always better as a result.

Whether you are an experience Seeker or a Host, Roambler was designed for you!

If you are someone who knows more, you can share your gifts of experience by becoming an independent Host on the Roambler Platform.

Pennsylvania is full of adventure and wonder. If you believe that or if you know that, it's because someone shared it through an experience that forever changed you. At Roambler, we believe that everyone should have access to the experiences that us ‘Roamblers’ call our own. Experiences given to us by those who made us, shaped us, guided us, and bound us, to ‘OUR’ Pennsylvania experiences - our mentors. Try to imagine how different your life would be without these gifts and imagine the impact YOU could have on a life if you SHARED them. If you Live life, then you can Give life, by Sharing life. Help others BELONG EVERYWHERE by sharing your unique experience on the Roambler Platform.

If you have yet to experience PA in it's fullest, ROAMBLER is here to help. Sign up to begin seeking experiences. When you join Roambler you instantly belong to a community of people who seek to enjoy life and to live life. Collect Experiences in your Roambler Passport with custom stamps at every booking or add experiences to your digital bucket list in your profile.

We hope you find the Experiences you are seeking, and maybe even a little more.