Trust & Safety

In the True Spirit of the Sharing Economy Roambler is Built on Trust


The Roambler Platform, like other collaborative consumption platforms, relies on ratings and reviews to build trust between users. Following a booked experience both the 'Host' and the 'Guest' ('Seeker') have the ability to review each other. Hosts are able to see the reviews of Guests, and Guests are able to see the reviews of Hosts, keeping all users accountable. This dual review system of both the Host and Guest is what creates the "Reputation Capital" for all members of the Roambler Community. Your reputation is directly linked to your reviews and ratings. Strive for positive ratings, it matters!

A well reviewed 'Host' and a well reviewed 'Guest' leads to trust within the Roambler Community.

Roambler profiles come with in site messaging that can be used prior to booking an experience. 'Hosts' and 'Guests' can meet, ask questions, or customize an experience. Another tool which can be used to build trust before an experience is shared.

Roambler profiles have a number of verifications that can be added to create Trust. Id verification, Verified Email, and Document verification. When you add these verification's to your Roambler profile a check mark will appear on your profile which shows that you have been verified. Documents shared for these purposes are kept private, are reviewed only by Roambler, and never shared with anyone.

Roambler monitors the reviews and ratings between 'Hosts' and 'Guests' and intervenes in disputes when necessary. Any violation of the 'Code of Conduct' can result in termination of accounts. These protocols are in place to keep a safe space with trust between users, that allows positive experiences to be shared by all.


Safety is the top priority of the Roambler Platform.

The Roambler 'Code of Conduct' - which all users agree to when signing up, lists safety as the number one 'Code'. 'Hosts' and 'Guests' alike agree to follow all safety guidelines which govern the experience that they have listed or booked.

Safety as defined by the 'Code of Conduct'. This is possibly the most important of all codes. Safety should be the top priority of both ‘Seekers’ and ‘Hosts’. If your Host has given guidelines and instructions for safety during your experience, these instructions should be followed. If you are Hosting an experience, become familiar with all safety guidelines that may govern your experience and follow these safety guidelines. If there is a situation where either a ‘Seeker’ or ‘Host’ fears for their personal safety the experience may be ended early. Roambler will remedy the situation with whichever party deems it necessary to end an experience due to safety concerns, and this party will not be penalized in any way. We don’t expect this to happen, but in the event that it does, both parties should report the situation to Roambler for review. 

Enjoy your Experience to the fullest. Seek to live life and to feel alive. First and foremost Stay Safe!