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Onboarding Local Hosts

Roambler Hosts are not required to be professional guides. We are seeking to list the real local experience- often sought, and previously hard to find. We all have something to share and learn from one another. Through each Hosts unique perspective, every experience is distinctive in its own way. List your Experience and earn money sharing the skills, knowledge, and personality that make your Experience uniquely, YOU!

Onboarding Professional Guides

If you are a Professional Guide, Roambler is the spot for you! Perfect for Fishing Guides, Fishing Charters, and Boat Rides carrying six or more passengers- all which require Guide Permits in Pennsylvania. A large percentage of guide services have little, or no online presence. Let us change that! Select Professional Guide as an amenity to stand out. List your experience with Roambler to be found, booked, and paid- quickly and securely.

How Hosting Works


Create your Experience

Sign up. Complete your profile. Complete your Experience details. Publish your listing.


Host your Experience

You choose how your experience can be booked. Instantly or pending approval. Host your booked experience


Get Paid

Work when you want. Earn the rate you want. Receive Payouts through your personal PayPal Account or Direct Bank Deposit via Stripe Payments Platform.

Listings are full of features for Hosts

Roambler provides many amenities to help Hosts manage listings, increase bookings, connect with guests, and keep track of earnings- all from your profile Dashboard. These benefits include the following and many more…

  • Listing is free, easy, and secure. List one or multiple Experiences.
  • Choose the rate you want to earn for your listing. Something that can only be valued in price by you.
  • Choose when your Experience is available for bookings and when it’s not. Simply edit your personal listing calendar- linked directly to each listing.
  • Choose how your listing can be booked. Instantly, or pending approval- following a reservation request and agreeing to your Experience “Rules”.
  • In Platform messaging between Hosts and Guests. Meet, discuss, customize, and verify details. Helping every listing go smoothly.
  • Listings are easily shareable to Facebook, Twitter, Email, or elsewhere with a link. Increase bookings by sharing your listing and having others share it.
  • Keep track of your completed transactions, future transactions, and gross earnings- viewable through your profile in the Account tab.

Advocate for Conservation while Hosting


Foster the stewardship of our forests. One of our greatest natural wonders, through all seasons. When you love and respect something you will go to great lengths to preserve it. Teach others to love and respect it, and they’ll do the same.


Reveal the beauty of our Rivers, Creeks, Streams, and Lakes. Out of reach for many for far too long due to a lack of access. Provide access to the gifts of our waterways and further their care by teaching others to love and care for them.


Pennsylvania is a melting pot, rich with diverse cultures, and a culture all of its own. Share what you love most about your cultural heritage, the culture of your town, city, rural area, or social scene. When we come together and learn from one another our perspectives begin to change- and we are better as a result.


If you Live life, then you can Give life, by Sharing life.

Sign up to start sharing your Experiences

When we come together and learn from one another, our perspectives begin to change, and we are always better as a result.

List an Experience

Accepting listings for the following Experiences

If you would like to share an Experience and you don’t see it here, contact Roambler. We’ll discuss your Experience and if it fits with the Roambler Platform we’ll add a category to the list. Fishing, Fishing Charter, and Boat Rides/Passenger for Hire Vessels carrying six or more passengers require permits in Pennsylvania. Passenger for Hire vessels who carry under six passengers do not require special permits specific to guiding in Pennsylvania.

  • Hiking. Backpacking. Foraging. Plant Identification. Bushcrafting. Wildcrafting.
  • ATV. Snow Mobiling. Winter Recreation. Trail Runs.
  • Kayaking. Boating. Water Sports.
  • Fishing- All types and skill levels including beginner instruction.
  • Agriculture. Farm. Homesteading
  • Skilled Mentorship. Skill Classes. Outdoor Recreation Education. Wildlife Education.


How are earnings split between Hosts and Roambler

Hosts earn 80% of their listing price. Roamblers fee is 20%. Example: If your listing price is $100.00 you will earn $80.00 and Roambler will retain $20.00.

How do I receive payouts?

Our secure system supports two different payout methods which can be set up from your Roambler Profile Dashboard by selecting ‘Account’ then ‘Payout Preferences’. Choose to be paid electronically via your personal PayPal Account or directly to your bank account via the Stripe Payments Platform. Enter your payout information to be paid quickly and securely following the completion of every booked experience.

Will I have to pay taxes on my earnings?

Yes. You will be required to report earnings when you file your taxes. Keep track of your gross earnings directly through your Roambler Profile.

Are Hosts employees of Roambler?

No. Hosts are Independent Contractors.

Are Hosts required to carry insurance to List an Experience?

Roambler does not require all Hosts to carry insurance. We strongly recommend that Hosts carry Liability Insurance. Pennsylvania requires Fishing Guides, Fishing Charters, and Passenger for Hire vessels carrying six or more passengers, to have insurance specific to guiding. Please contact us if you are looking for insurance and need help finding a provider.

Is access to the internet and Email a requirement for Hosting?

Yes. You will not be able to manage your listing well if you do not have daily access to the internet through a computer or phone. Check your profile and Email frequently to manage your listings.

How will I be notified when my listing is booked?

You will be notified through Email. You can also check this status through your Roambler Profile. Daily checks of both Email (including spam, and promotions folders) and your Profile are essential to managing your listing.

Is a Roambler Host required to acquire a permit specific to Guiding or Hosting?

The State of Pennsylvania requires permits to Guide for three of our Experiences, which Roambler honors. Fishing Guide, Fishing Guide Charter, and Passenger for Hire/ Boat Rides. These permits are easy to obtain despite popular belief of the contrary. For more information on each, view the links at the bottom of the page from your computer browser.