The Roambler Code of Conduct

The Roambler Code of Conduct is an extension of our Mission and Values. When you sign up for Roambler as a ‘Seeker’ or a ‘Host’ you are doing more than just creating an account on a website. You are joining a Community of people who are driven by kindness, inclusiveness, diversity, and mentorship- with a passion for living and sharing LIFE! We hope the Roambler Values will resonate with all who join and that our users actions will be driven by this code. This code is meant to guide all who use, both on the site, and during booked experiences that are shared between ‘Guests’ and ‘Hosts’. All users of are bound by this code and should become familiar with it.

Safety. This is possibly the most important of all codes. Safety should be the top priority of both ‘Guests’ and ‘Hosts’. If your Host has given guidelines and instructions for safety during your experience, these instructions should be followed. If you are Hosting an experience, become familiar with all safety guidelines that may govern your experience and follow these safety guidelines. If there is a situation where either a ‘Guest’ or ‘Host’ fears for their personal safety the experience may be ended immediately. Roambler will remedy the situation with whichever party deems it necessary to end an experience due to safety concerns, and this party will not be penalized in any way. In the event that this situation occurs, both parties should report the situation to Roambler for review.

Kindness. Be kind to one another. Only good things can come from following this rule!

Fun. Enjoy your Experience. Focus on safety, but also remember to have FUN! Roambler was created to provide access to recreational experiences that help us LIVE our lives, and feel alive. Have fun and experience some of the BEST living that Pennsylvania has to offer.

Inclusiveness. Be Inclusive. The Roambler Platform was designed to bring more people together through shared experiences. Inclusiveness is an aura or an environment created to let people in and make them feel welcome. This helps foster the sense of belonging not only to the Roambler Community, but belonging to the community of the experience that is being shared. An inclusive culture within Roambler that is carried out by both ‘Guests’ and ‘Hosts’ will encourage more people to seek experiences that enrich their lives, and in turn, strengthen our communities as a whole. So, help people feel welcome and share the aura of belonging to every experience being shared.

Integrity. Act with integrity. Integrity is following your moral or ethical convictions and doing the right thing in all circumstances, even when no one is watching. Always be honest, be who you are, and honor everything that your listing or profile describes. Be gracious when others provide assistance and help others in need. Always be respectful of each other. Be reliable.

Diversity. Be accepting of all diversity within the Roambler Community. Roambler hopes to create a very diverse platform that helps people come together and learn from one another, broadening perspectives and points of view through shared experiences. When we experience diversity in our everyday lives, and have regular exposure to people, cultures, traditions, and experiences that are unlike our own, we gain a more worldly view and we will always be better people as a result.

Conservation. Be a steward of conservation. Promote conservation practices as a ‘Host’ and accept and learn about conservation practices as a ‘Guest’. There is no better opportunity to teach or reach conservation goals, than to mentor another in your conservation beliefs and knowledge-- through shared experiences booked on the Roambler Platform.

Relationships. Ask first for permission to request friendship on social media accounts between ‘Guests’ and ‘Hosts’ and ‘Hosts and ‘Hosts’ before sending private messages to any account. While Roambler hopes to build long lasting connections between users on the Roambler platform, and strengthen the communities in which we live by coming together and learning from one another, we will not tolerate anyone's privacy or boundaries to be compromised. Any harassment or unwanted communication within the communication tools of or through outside social media platforms due to the disclosure of any users name appearing on should be reported to Roambler and can result in termination of your Roambler account.

Alcohol use. The use of alcohol prior to, or during a booked experience is PROHIBITED FOR ALL ‘Site users’. Hosts are tasked with maintaining the safety of all experiences and cannot achieve this under the influence of alcohol.

Discrimination. Roambler will not tolerate the unjust, prejudicial, or unfair treatment of any individual based on their race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or any other measures of diversity. is not a place for hate or discrimination in any form. Roambler strives to foster the spirit of acceptance and tolerance without exception. If you cannot accept this then you do not have permission to use or services provided.

Violations of Code. If a user of the Roambler Platform is found to be in violation of our code of conduct, Roambler will consider the suspension of the use of for users in violation. Roambler monitors the reviews and reporting systems on our platform for violations. Roambler has the right to suspend accounts who are found to be in violation of the code of conduct.